Wednesday, October 28, 2015

4 Things to Do for Your Career Before Year-End

It's almost November and with that we head into holiday season and the weeks seem to speed up. Before we get to the end of the year there are a few things you should consider doing for your career in order to get 2016 off to a good start.

1. Update your resume and LinkedIn profile. You've accomplished some great things and learned new skills this year so be sure to document it by making the necessary changes to your resume and LinkedIn profile. It will also help you be ready in case you decide to start the new year off with a job search.

2. Evaluate your performance. If your employer does not conduct formal reviews or evaluations at this time of year ask your supervisor or manager for feedback on your performance. Get a sense for the things you did well and the areas that need improvement. This will provide you with a clear road map as you enter the new year.

3. Check in with your network. Before everyone gets busy with the holidays take a few minutes to check in with some of your key contacts, including your mentor if you have one. Make sure you are continuing to develop the important relationships in your life and career.

4. Set preliminary goals. Now is a good time to begin to set some goals for 2016. Is it time to look for a new job, find a mentor, or take some classes? Consider what you can do next year to strengthen your skills, increase your knowledge, build your network, and improve your life and career.

Do these things now, enjoy the holidays, and enter 2016 feeling confident and focused!

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