Wednesday, October 7, 2015

5 Ways to be a Success in Your Career (and Life)

There have been many books and articles written about how to be successful in your career. You could spend the next few years reading through them all but if you put into practice the following principals you'll be well on your way to career and life success.

1. Control your speech. In other words, learn to avoid speaking to others when you are angry or
frustrated. If you receive an email that is hurtful or offensive take some time before crafting your response. It can be very difficult to repair a relationship that has been damaged by careless words.

2. Be humble. Few people want to work for, or spend time with, a boastful individual. Let your accomplishments and successes stand on their own and speak for you. This does not mean that you keep silent about them. They should be noted on your resume and personal web site and you can discuss your successes and strengths with anyone you seek to humbly lead, serve, and support.

3. Acknowledge others. You did not arrive at your successes on your own. Be sure to recognize those who help and support you in your work and life.

4. Be kind. Similar to what has been mentioned so far, kindness toward others will strengthen relationships and enable you to lead effectively. For some encouragement in this watch George Saunders' remarks about kindness at Syracuse University.

5. Make others a success. If you apply your strengths and skills to making those around you successful then you will achieve great things and others will seek you out. You will likely discover that you have many more opportunities than you imagined and others will take note that you work on successful projects. This also applies to your friends and family. Work to make others successful and you will be a great success in life and in your career.

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