Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Tips to Work More Effectively and Productively

If you find that your days seem to run into each other and you're constantly working on yesterday's to-do list, here are 5 tips to manage your work day more effectively and productively.

1. Start the day with a tall glass of water and some energizing food. You need energy and strength to be at your best and so it's important to hydrate with water when you awake and to eat something high in protein and low in sugar, in order to avoid a crash later in the morning.

2. Identify your top 3 tasks the night before. Your day should start the previous night or afternoon. At some point in your day identify the top 3 tasks you need to complete tomorrow and write them down.

3. Ignore email and complete your most important task first. Avoid getting bogged down by email early in your day. Save the email for the afternoon and attack your most important task of the day first. Once that is completed you'll experience a great surge of energy and pride in your work.

4. Work in 45 minute bursts followed by a short break. Allow yourself to focus more efficiently by working hard but briefly on your tasks and then allowing time for a short break. If you work for 45 minutes and follow that with a 10-15 minute walk you'll return to your work with more focus.

5. Eliminate everything in your in-box before the day ends. Attack your email and clear out your in-box in the afternoon, once you've completed your most important tasks. Respond to necessary emails and file away those you need to save. Stop working with an in-box empty and you'll feel a great sense of accomplishment and won't spend the evening worrying about the items you need to deal with.

Implement these 5 tips and your work day will be much more efficient and productive.

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