Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vocational-Technical Training Can Be the Key to Landing a Job

In these difficult economic times, when the job market is tight, turn to education to improve your prospects. “Education, of all kinds, has been a reliable engine for success by creating opportunities and putting the ‘impossible’ within reach,” according to Burt Wetanson, a professional freelance writer specializing in career advisement. “And the kind of education most directly relevant to getting jobs and creating careers is vocational-technical training — training that upgrades or offers job skills in a particular trade, occupation or profession.”

Consider these 6 major benefits of vocational-technical training:

  • Gives the person still in high school, or who recently graduated, the training and guidance they need to enter the working world

  • Offers continuing education programs to help people remain qualified as job demands change

  • Helps the unemployed person, both adult and school age, find work

  • Retrains the person who’s been laid off or displaced by new technology

  • Prepares entry-level and experienced workers to take advantage of exciting new industries

  • Helps the person who wants to change careers and transition to a new occupation

For more insightful information on career-vocational education, read Burt’s complete article.

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