Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding A Job That Is A Good Match

As much as companies are looking to find the “right” candidate, you too need to be diligent about finding the company and job that is right for you. The below is a sampling of questions to ask yourself prior to starting a job search:

Do I prefer working with people, systems or information?
Do I enjoy working with children, the elderly, underprivileged, mid-level management, executive management, etc.?
Do I like working with a lot of processes?
Do I enjoy working with information in the form of numbers, visual graphics, copy, etc.?
Do I imagine myself working in corporate America, at a small, privately-held company or non-profit company?
Do I fit in better with a casual or formal work environment?

Once you’re job searching, some of the things you’ll want to consider about each company and job you’re taking a serious look at are:

Salary and benefits—although some items are obvious, check out extras like, a 401k match program, tuition reimbursement, flexible hours or telecommuting options, etc.

Location—as it relates to your commute and/or impact on your cost-of-living.

Career advancement—is this a job opportunity that will act as a stepping stone to a longer-range career goal?

Stability—is the company financially stable, is it a start-up company or has it been around for a while? What is its reputation in the industry and business and local community?

Work environment—is it laid back or fast paced, is it family-friendly, and what are the number of on and off-the-job hours required?

Values—do your values align with those of the company’s?

The above questions and considerations are just a starting point. If you haven’t already taken the Interest Assessment in Career Transitions, you will find value in doing so. Once you identifying what you’re looking for in a job, you’ll be able to better pinpoint those companies and jobs that are a good match.

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