Thursday, August 20, 2009

Asking Smart Questions Says You're a Serious Job Candidate

It is common knowledge that how well you answer questions during an interview directly correlates to whether you move onto a next round of interviews and/or ultimately land a job offer. Have you weighed the importance though of having an arsenal of smart questions to ask those who interview you? You should view a job interview as a two-way process—an opportunity to gather important facts about the company and open position(s). By asking smart questions you demonstrate you’re professional and seriously interested in the opportunity to work for the company.

In addition to the industry, company and type of position you’re interviewing for, you should also base your questions on your audience—headhunter/recruiter, human resource representative, or hiring manager. For example, questions for a headhunter might include: “Are you in direct contact with the hiring manager or are you working with someone in human resources?" and “How many candidates have you had success in placing with this client over the past four months?” A sample of relevant questions to a company’s hiring manager are “How does executive-level management view this part of your organization” or “How will my performance be evaluated, measured and rewarded?”

To get you started, check out “Guide to Job Candidate Questions: What to ask during your next interview” by George F. Franks III, President, Franks Consulting Group.

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