Friday, August 7, 2009

Job Searching Tips for Older Workers

“At least one in four older Americans are either postponing their retirement or seeking to return to the workforce, while 4 in 10 employers have designed programs to encourage late-career workers to stay past their traditional retirement age,” according to Art Koff, founder of, a job and information source for retirees and those planning their retirement. Job searching later in life can be a difficult task, but Art offers these 6 helpful suggestions that can assist seniors with their employment search.

  • Register with temp firms in your local area. Many temporary jobs turn out to be permanent.
  • Try to get an interview with an employer you are not interested in working for to practice your interviewing skills. You don't want to go to your first interview in a long time with the employer you are really interested in working for and make easily correctable mistakes.
  • Consider having your resume re-written or updated by an expert as the resume you used years ago is no longer appropriate.
  • Put your resume up on those job boards that connect job seekers with employers seeking to hire them.
  • Look for temporary or project assignments as they are much more available than full-time jobs.
  • When applying for a job, tell the employer you are willing to work on a project or on a temporary basis. This often gives you a leg up on workers who are often unable to accept this kind of employment. Temporary employment can often lead to full-time work.

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