Tuesday, August 18, 2009

10 Tips for a Successful Interview

Forbes.com contributor Jenna Goodreau offers the following strategies for a successful interview:

Compose the Perfect Resume. Avoid sending out identical resumes for every position you apply for. Customize your resume based on your knowledge of both the company and the position.

Be Prepared. Prior to the interview, conduct research on the company so that you are able to provide specific examples of how you could contribute to their success.

Pitch from Strengths. Highlight your strengths as they relate to results you have achieved in prior jobs.

Provide Supplements. Distinguish yourself from other candidates by providing a portfolio, presentation, business plan, handouts or other materials.

Know the Company Culture. If possible, speak with current or previous company employees to learn more about the corporate culture--a company’s core values, customs, beliefs, traditions, and behaviors.

Be Concise. While your responses to questions should be thorough, try to keep your language simple and focused.

Clean Up Your Digital Footprint. Remove any non-work related content or questionable material you have posted on social networking sites.

Show, Don’t Tell. Be conscious of your body language to ensure it conveys confidence and enthusiasm.

Interview Them. Express interest by asking relevant questions about the company and the position.

Follow Up. After the interview, send a personalized note (via email or snail mail) thanking the interviewer for their time. Also make it clear that you are willing to provide additional materials (references, etc.) if necessary.

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