Friday, August 14, 2009

Tips for "Over 50" Job Seekers

In the August 7 Daily Leap blog entry, we provided job search tips for older workers, which included suggestions like registering with temp firms and hiring an expert to write your resume. Today, we present...the sequel! See below for additional tips for "over 50" job seekers:

Sweat a lot. Finding a job should be treated as a job in and of itself. Write emails and letters to establish contacts, attend as many networking events and interviews as possible, and spend the rest of your free time researching potential employers and jobs.

Look tech savvy. Having knowledge of technology is crucial. Consider creating a web site or multimedia resume to promote yourself and to demonstrate your technological skills.

Seek assistance. If it has been several years (or perhaps decades!) since you looked for a job and you aren’t sure of current job search techniques, consider paying for assistance from an outplacement firm.

Use the time wisely. Use your time away from work to take classes, attend conferences, enroll in training sessions, etc.

Help others. Helping others can be a great way to network. Consider mentoring or doing pro bono work.

Click here to access additional information pertaining to each of these strategies.

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