Wednesday, July 15, 2015

3 Ways to Know You Have a Meaningful Job

For some people a job or a career is all about that well-known quote from the movie Jerry Maguire, with Tom Cruise yelling into the phone "Show me the money!"

For others, the money is not the main thing or the most important factor. For these people a job must have some meaning or purpose.

Here are three ways to know that you're doing meaningful work.

1. The product or service you provide benefits the world. We all know people working in
companies that employ shady business practices or provide toxic products or exploit their workers. In can be difficult, or impossible, to feel pride in your work if the product or service you provide does harm or violates your moral code.

2. You appreciate and admire your colleagues. When you are working with people you enjoy and admire on products or services that benefit other people you're likely to find your work incredibly fulfilling. If you dread communicating with your co-workers that's might be a sign that your work is not fulfilling or meaningful.

3. You enjoy your work. When you're eager to get up in the morning and get to work on that day's tasks you know you're in a good place. A good clue to how you feel about your job is the language you use. Do you speak positively about your work to family and friends or do you often find that you complain about your job or colleagues? There are always times when work is stressful but when you generally enjoy your workplace you'll find the work more meaningful.

If these describe you and your work congratulations on a meaningful career!

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