Wednesday, April 29, 2015

5 Ways to Advance Your Career

At times our career or job feels stagnant and we find ourselves lacking enthusiasm for our work. It is during these times that we think about a job change or fantasize about being our own boss.

However, there are usually some things we can do to advance our career even when we're feeling bored or unchallenged.

1. Volunteer. When your boss or supervisor presents an opportunity to take on a new task or coordinate a new project be the first to volunteer to take it on. Often this change can provide the spark you need. It also demonstrates leadership and can provide an opportunity to learn something new.

2. Shadow. Spend a day job-shadowing someone else in your company to get a better sense of the business, learn a new skill, or to expand your network.

3. Train someone. If you have interns in your company or someone new has recently joined your team taking the time to train them in some aspect of your job can provide a new appreciation for your work, stimulate some new ideas to do your job better, and expand your skills.

4. Seek out training. If your workplace offers training classes take advantage of them to recharge your batteries and gain new knowledge and skills.

5. Interview. Don't hesitate to apply for other jobs in your company. It provides good interviewing practice and enables you to meet other hiring managers and learn about other areas in the company.

What other things do you do to work at advancing in your career?

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