Wednesday, April 15, 2015

3 Financial Tips for the Under- or Unemployed

If you are currently out of work or working part-time and struggling to make ends meet while looking for full-time work it can be difficult to take the time for yourself to develop a financial plan.

Of course, it is critical to make good financial decisions when funds are tight.

Here are 3 tips to make your money stretch further during a time of un- or under-employment:

1. Look around your place for extra money. No, I don't mean check under your couch cushions, though feel free to do so! You likely have some things that you no longer need or want that might be of interest to others. Have a yard sale or offer items up on craigslist or ebay. If you have cds or dvds to sell use a service such as decluttr to make a little extra money. There are also many places to sell your used books online. 

2. Evaluate your bills and monthly expenses. Do you need that smart phone or can you
get by with a simpler phone for calls and texting? What about cable and internet service? Perhaps you can use the internet at your local library for a few months. Check out MyRatePlan to compare services and rates for everything from home internet to insurance.

3. Make your meals and drive less. Two of the biggest expenses individuals and families incur relate to eating out at restaurants, grabbing expensive coffees, and driving. You can reduce your expenses by making more of your own meals, brewing your own cup of coffee, taking public transit, or walking & biking when and where possible.

Implement these 3 tips and you just might find that you appreciate owning fewer things, can manage without the cable TV, and enjoy walking or biking more, even when you do get that new job.  

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