Friday, November 9, 2012

Work In the Great Outdoors

If the idea of working all day in an office sounds confining, and you’d rather envision yourself working in the great outdoors, check out the following viable career options.

Park Ranger:  An abundant number of national, state, and local parks employ park rangers.  Rangers perform a variety of roles and tasks, but their overarching responsibility is to protect the park and keep its visitors safe.  Park rangers may also educate visitors about the park’s natural resources, be responsible for enforcing park laws or assisting in emergency response and rescue park situations.  This is a profession that places you at the heart of nature. 

Botanist: If you find it interesting to study plants and their role in a particular ecosystem, the field of botany might be for you.  Botanists do lab research, but they also spend a good part of their careers working outdoors.  Botanists can find jobs in the government, academic, and private sectors.

Travel Writer or Photographer:  Combine a passion for travel and writing or photography into a career as a travel writer or photographer.  Share, through words, pictures and assignment guidelines, the cultural and educational experiences you encounter while traveling.  Travel writers and photographers are often contracted on a freelance basis and their work may be published in various online or offline media, such as newspapers, magazines, or blogs.  

Groundskeeper:  A groundskeeper maintains the outdoor properties for public or private institutions.  Groundskeepers may be employed, for example, to maintain the grounds of a public park, golf course, athletic complex, cemetery, or school campus.   These grounds might involve maintaining grass, sand, ponds, artificial turf, or other surfaces.  Duties may involve mowing and trimming, maintaining irrigation systems, controlling weeds and insects, and various other tasks.  

Next time you’re in the great outdoors, take a look around to see if there are any potential great outdoor job opportunities that may be a good match for you.

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