Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tips for Success in the Demonstration Interview

The saga of my interview process for the part-time teaching position continues. Interview three was this morning. The format was what I call a demonstration interview, although it may also be called a practical or presentation interview. In this style of interview, your potential employer wants to validate that you do, in fact, possess the skills you have claimed in previous interviews by witnessing them first-hand.

Since I am interviewing with a company that is based remotely, I was asked today to provide a ten-minute training presentation on interview techniques (very ironic!) via Skype. The video aspect of the interview was a challenge all its own. However, here are some basic tips I can offer you to ensure your success if you are ever asked to "prove it" by a potential employer.

  • Keep it simple and let your skills do the talking. You don't need an elaborate set up in order to present your materials, you - and your knowledge - are the star of the show.

  • Focus your presentation and know that you can't possibly show them everything you know in the limited time offered. For example, a personal trainer who is asked to provide a 15-minute demonstration of their training style can't work out every body part in that time. Instead, they should focus on area of the body (i.e. legs) and show knowledge through demonstrating proper form, motivating the participant, and explaining how each movement is benefiting the body.

  • Be engaging and interactive. Most practical, hands-on interviews are for the purpose of evaluating knowledge. Engage the observer in the process whenever possible.

  • Trust in your skills and knowledge and be ready to go with the flow of the situation. Often, practical interviewers will throw situations at you and ask you to react to them. If you relax and remember what you know, your natural skills and instincts will take over

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