Friday, November 16, 2012

Modern Jobs for Today’s Women

Women have many exciting career options today, and Women’s Health Magazine’s online edition has heralded several as “hot careers.”  Here’s a look at a few on the list.  

Green or Eco-Interior Designer
An eco-interior designer creates interior spaces that meet aesthetic, functional, and budgetary goals using sustainable, recycled, and toxin-free materials when possible.  They also look for ways to incorporate design solutions that minimize energy consumption.  Several colleges and universities offer degrees in environmental studies or programs with a concentration in sustainability to complement an interior design degree.   

Social Media Marketer
With more companies working to engage audiences through social media channels, a growing demand for social media marketers is not surprising.  These marketers develop and implement strategies that motivate target audiences to participate in a brand’s online social media communities, like Facebook, Twitter, and other emerging new media.   Goals include building brand awareness and loyalty while creating customers who are brand advocates.  To break into social media marketing, consider pursuing a degree in this field.  

Genetic Counselor
A genetic counselor works with patients who are at risk for a variety of inherited genetic conditions or those who want children who may be at risk for birth defects.  Genetic counselors consider family medical history and use risk assessment tests in determining the probability of the occurrence or recurrence of a genetic condition or birth defect.  Genetic counselors educate patients about the risks, help them to understand test results, present available options, direct them to resources, and act as patient advocates.  These professionals work in clinical or hospital settings. 
To learn more about hot career picks for women, check out the Women’s Health Magazine list yourself at

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