Thursday, November 15, 2012

Why is it So Hard to Practice What We Preach?

I have been teaching job search methods and techniques for more than 10 years. I extol the virtues of preparation before a job interview, I educate job seekers to market their value proposition in their resumes, and I teach them how to negotiate salary. Wouldn't you think it would be easy for me to do these things for myself?

I have been self-employed full-time since 2005. However, I recently decided to apply for a very part-time contract teaching position in my field of specialty - military transition job search methods. Once I saw the job posting, it took me almost a month to update and polish my resume. I sympathized with my customers as I sat down to this arduous task!

Obviously, I did a decent job because they called me within an hour and I have a job interview tomorrow. Don't even ask me if I have started to prepare my answers and define my message for the interview tomorrow. I think from the title of this article, you probably know the answer!

This got me thinking - so often we make claims or offer advice in areas that we fail to follow or live up to ourselves. We see evidence of this "do what I say, not what I do" philosophy almost every day in the news and in our lives. With this blog post, I would like to challenge you to think about your core values, consider the advice you offer those around you, and evaluate the values and beliefs you claim to live by and ask yourself these questions:

* Do you serve as a model of your core values in your every day life - not only when people are watching?

* Are you offering advice, guidance, or instruction that you are failing or refusing to adopt yourself?

* Do you evaluate your bad decisions, lapses in good judgment, and mistakes with an honest evaluation of why things went wrong?

Asking yourself these few questions may help you get back on the right path. I know I have been forced to ask myself these very questions this week. That is all for today, I have to go prepare for an interview!

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