Saturday, June 9, 2012

High Five Weekly Career Transitions Roundup

This is our weekly roundup of some of the best career-related articles, interviews, blogs, etc., we've read during the week. We share these every weekend so you have some great resources to prepare you for the coming week. Enjoy!

1. Tips on How to Stage a Career Transition
"Don’t let fear, a lack of confidence, or the perception that you don’t possess the correct combination of necessary skills prevent you from applying for a position you think you would love."

2. Are You 'Bringing it' at Work?
"You have the power to take small and incremental steps on your personal career journey to lead you to where you want to go."

3. 9 Hot Skills that are Trending on LinkedIn
"Here are nine key phrases to consider adding to your skills and expertise on your LinkedIn profile."

4.  Five Tips for Your First Job  
"Following these suggestions will make for a more worthwhile experience for you, while balancing some of the stress and struggles of a brand-new work environment."

5. Dressing for the Best Impression in Your Job Interviews
"Deciding what to wear for an interview can be tough process at times. Focusing more on what will give you the most confidence over what is most expected can help you project the best impression you can!"

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