Sunday, June 24, 2012

Handling Your Career Leadership Saw

As a career blogger and coach, I look to many sources of inspiration for my clients and me; some of them are conventional, others less so. One such source manifested itself recently, one I didn't expect but has embedded itself in my mind since I read about it.


One of my favorite bloggers, EvilHRLady, posted about how her kid is going to be my kid's boss someday. And why will this happen? Because her kid knows how to appropriately handle saws, pocket knives, and cook and eat their own food.

Did I mention he was three-years-old?

You read that correctly: a three-year-old is managing sharp metal instruments and cooking for himself. EvilHRLady-who is an American expat living in Switzerland-signed her son up for a "forest school" experience, one very common in that country. I'll cease going into the details (read the blog post) but suffice to say that she brings up an important issue: that we are undermining our children's leadership potential by operating from a perspective of fear, "protection," and a belief that children cannot be self-reliant.

But, today, I'm not talking about three-year-olds. I'm talking about you. Because we were all once three-year-olds. And in many ways, we still are.

It's easy to see the saw as a metaphor for that which we think we cannot handle, but-in reality-we can. If a three-year-old can play in the wilderness-rain, shine, snow, whatever-for four hours, what can you do in your career that you currently think you cannot? What challenges have you been turning your back on? What beliefs you hold are holding you back?

I have blogged before about taking the 'easy' out of your careerbeating your career saboteur, and changing perspectives. I invite you to go back and reread them, along with the other excellent practical and inspirational posts here at the Daily Leap.

You grow as a leader by putting yourself in uncomfortable situations, facing your fears, and believing more in yourself than you thought possible.

Don't you think it's time that you picked up the saw?

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