Friday, May 11, 2012

Spend Your Online Time Wisely

You can find a limitless number of helpful online resources for job seekers; however, without a strategy for how to use your online time wisely, you may fall prey to surfing the Internet, clicking from one site to another without purpose.  If this sounds familiar, step back and create a plan for how to get the most out of Internet job searching.
Focus on Your Goals
If you haven’t done so already, evaluate your interests, values, qualifications, skills, and experience in order to establish your career goals.  Once defined, these goals should direct your job search efforts, both online and off.  

Popular and Niche Job Boards
Internet job boards are excellent sources for viewing and applying for open job postings across many companies. By using an Internet search engine and a search phrase like “top job boards,” you can locate popular job boards. Niche job boards, those targeted to your occupation and industry, are also great resources for narrowing your search to the most relevant job openings.   

Company Websites
Use the Internet to research companies you’d like to work for.  Then, look for job postings on those company websites that interest you.  Some of these sites enable you to set up job alerts that notify you, via email, when job openings matching your criteria become available.  

Social Media 
Be sure to create a professional online presence on social media sites, like LinkedIn, that are designed for professionals and networking.  Investigate other online communities; begin by looking at relevant industry and professional associations.

Just One More Tool
Think of the Internet as one more tool in your job-seeker toolbox. It is an excellent resource for job seekers, but it should not be your only resource.  The fact is, there is no substitute for face-to-face, professional interactions and networking.  

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