Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Landing a Sales Job

Almost every industry has a need for salespeople, so if you’re interested in working in sales, the tips below may help you land the right sales job. 

Assess Your Traits and Skills
Although every individual brings unique skills and character traits to a job, certain skills and traits are more prevalent in salespeople and tend to lead to success in sales.  For example, salespeople typically have strong communication and negotiating skills. They are self-starters, persistent, and able to handle rejection and competition.  They know how to ask probing questions to better assess the needs of their customers and can often anticipate client needs before they are even expressed.  Salespeople characteristically understand the client’s business objectives and challenges and are able to present viable product or service solutions.   

Consider the Company, Products, and Services 
As with any job, do your homework.  Start by considering whether you believe in the products or services you would be selling and the company you would be representing. For example, ask yourself the following questions: Does the company have a reputation for doing business with integrity?  Do they treat their clients and employees fairly?   Has the company established itself as a reputable provider of quality products and/or services?   Are these priced competitively?
Quantify Success
When going for a sales position, quantify your success, whether it be through sales targets achieved, revenue generated, size of market or territory, etc.  Be prepared to answer interview questions about prospecting and qualifying clients, working with client budgets and deadlines, handling objections, and techniques for closing the sale.  And because many sales jobs are based on commission or a small salary plus commission, be sure you can handle a salary that may fluctuate quite a bit.

Working in sales is not for everyone; however, for the right person, it can be a very fulfilling and often lucrative profession. 

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