Friday, May 18, 2012

Public Libraries Are a Credible Resource for Career, Job, and Business Information

Public libraries are invaluable community resources for access to credible information and resources.  Most public libraries maintain collections of literature, periodicals, directories, multimedia, and other materials typically available for public lending or reference.  

Whether you’re a student exploring occupations, a job seeker looking to transition careers, or a professional looking to stay abreast of business or industry information and trends, the library is a great place for research.  So much of what you need to know about a particular occupation, industry, business, company, and the market and economy as a whole is available from your local library.  Below is just a sampling of what you might expect to find:

·         Books, databases, and portals about careers, industries, and jobs
·         Industry, occupation, and company information
·         Links to job boards and career websites and blogs
·         Career-interest and skills-assessment tests and tools
·         Business and industry periodicals
·         Exam prep books, for example for professional certifications, civil service, law enforcement, etc.

With online access available and many libraries now offering mobile apps for smartphones, it is easy to access your library anytime, from anywhere.  So the next time you’re in search of valuable information and resources, don’t forget to consider your local library. 

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