Monday, May 14, 2012

Four Workplace Advice Tips…from Mom

Yesterday we honored the most important woman in our lives: mom. Ensuring that we washed behind our ears, ate our vegetables, shared our toys, and were home before dark, moms-in a sense-acted like our first managers, guiding and shaping our behaviors so that we can thrive in the future. Read on for four workplace tips inspired by this wise and devoted woman:

Mind Your Ps and Qs: This Mom-centric expression speaks to a basic tenet of interpersonal interaction: manners. Manners, in the workplace, are everything. How you treat others speaks not only to your professional reputation but to your personal character. Despite differences of opinion, different working styles, and different ways of approaching problems, creating an environment of respect for others will ensure that you receive it yourself and aid your career by showing you operate with integrity.

Share: Mom may have been referring to our toys, but in the workplace sharing takes on a new meaning: sharing credit (particularly with those that helped you succeed) and sharing responsibility (even if you don't want to or it's not expedient). Sharing reinforces the satisfaction one receives by giving others opportunities for them to succeed, setting a great example for your team and other coworkers.

Always Wear Your Seatbelt: Mom implored us to fasten our seatbelts to keep us safe while traveling in the car. The workplace seatbelt is decidedly more proverbial but no less important: prepare yourself for the challenges and threats that are to come your way through careful anticipation and preparation. Just as a seatbelt keeps you safe in a car, your due diligence and vigilance will keep you safe in the workplace.

Stop and Smell the Flowers: Mom has high expectations for you and wants you to succeed, but she also wants you to be happy. Celebrate both the little and big successes at work, giving recognition to those who helped you along the way and recognizing yourself for the hard work and dedication that you put in.

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