Monday, May 28, 2012

Are You Trusted in the Workplace?

Cultivating trustworthiness is a worthwhile endeavor if you want to succeed in the workplace. The more that you are trusted by your supervisor, your coworkers, and your peers, new opportunities and areas of collaboration will be opened up to you. Developing trust, however, requires an amount of vulnerability, honesty, and an ego-free state of being that many struggle to cultivate. Ask yourself these questions to gauge how well you create a persona of trust in the workplace:

Do you stay true to your word? A simple yet important question. You may speak highly of your work (most people do) but are you giving your all to the thorough analysis that you say you do, the time that you proclaim to give to clients, and the attention to detail to that important project? Your work is an extension of you word, so ensure that you produce what you state you will.

Do you speak up if you see problems? Honesty is a critical component of trust, and diplomatically pointing out problems will ensure that your interests are for the project, the team, and your workplace as opposed to yourself.

Do you freely share important information? Those who keep information to themselves can be seen as dodgy and putting their own interests before the team and the project. Share information that you have to cultivate trust and to build strong relationships with those that you work with.

Do you admit mistakes? To err is human…to admit it, superhuman. Immediately admit mistakes and work to rectify them to show that you can learn from your failures and fix problems you have caused.

Do you give credit? It feels good to accomplish things, but share credit with others to create strong relationships and increase the likelihood that they will want to work with you in the future.

Reflect on these questions and adjust your work habits to garner trust and enhance your career.

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