Friday, September 30, 2011

Signs That a Job Interview Went Well

Have you ever walked out of a job interview feeling strongly about how the interview went, only to be caught off guard later when the employer follows up in a way that you didn’t expect—either positively or negatively?
Short of, “We’d like to offer you the job,” there are no guarantees that certain signs or statements from an interviewer(s) will result in a next interview or job offer. However, indicators like those in the following list usually suggest the interview went quite well.  
  • Conversation is comfortable and easy and you are clearly starting to establish a rapport with the interviewer.  
  • The interview runs longer than expected and the interviewer shows obvious interest in your responses and probes further than expected with follow-up questions.
  • The interviewer provides detailed specifics regarding the job and responsibilities—beyond a general overview—particularly in a first-interview situation. 
  • The interviewer spends considerable time selling you on the company, job, and employees. 
  • The interviewer starts referring to you in the role, for example, “Your knowledge regarding online marketing would add a lot of value when we release our upgraded version.” 
  • The interviewer’s body language is positive and accepting: he or she is smiling, nodding approvingly to your responses, leaning into the conversation, and maintaining good eye contact. 
  • The interviewer introduces you to team members and/or manager(s) on an impromptu basis. 
  • The interviewer provides a definitive date upon which you can expect to hear back regarding a decision to move forward with you as a potential job candidate and/or to extend you an offer.

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