Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Great Read For Post Grads Down On Their Luck

When you're a post grad, things are extremely exciting. You're all done with your school days and you have your whole life ahead of you. The only problem is, with this economy, you may be struggling right now. If you're looking for a great read that will also inspire you and give you a boost of happiness, try reading The Happiness Project. Now a New York Times Bestseller, this book is definitely worth checking out.

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin follows Rubin on her quest for happiness. Rubin has a good job, a family and is generally a happy and lucky person. However, like most of us, she found herself getting angry too easily and letting her pessimism rain down when she should be happy. Instead of taking the Eat, Pray, Love route, since she had a family and responsibilities and couldn't quite go away to "find herself", she decided to make finding happiness a yearly project. This project is something she encourages readers to try in their own way, using her tools any way they see fit.

She started out by writing a list of resolutions that were put right in front of her, every day, to keep her accountable. She also came up with Splendid Truths, her own made-up philosophies on happiness. She then set out to put goals for each month in different categories, such as family, money, and friendships. Each chapter in the book explores each month of her year to happiness as she researched happiness theories and set to live them out in her own life. 

For post grads who feel alone or down on their luck after graduating, this is an inspiring read. While a few of the chapters may have no real significance for a post grad (for example, one chapter she explores being a better wife), others will have you thinking of ways to improve areas of your own life and get you down to the nitty-gritty of happiness. 

If you're interested, check out Rubin's website to read more about her book and theories. What do you have to lose?

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