Friday, September 23, 2011

Job Seekers Should Consider Blogging

A blog is a website or a page on a website that individuals—called bloggers—use to post entries, typically in chronological order. Blog posts are primarily text, but some include images and website links. They are often interactive in that they invite visitors to post comments, recommend and share blog posts, and even rate content.

Job seekers can benefit by participating in respected and high-traffic blogs pertaining to their industries or occupations. For starters, these blogs are a great way to keep current on relevant industry or occupational issues and trends. When you participate by posting insightful blog comments or sharing expertise, you may capture the positive attention of others in the industry, including hiring managers or recruiters. Another way to capture this positive attention is to consider starting your own blog for showcasing your personality and knowledge within a given profession and/or industry. From a job seeker’s perspective, your blog should focus on generating a community of followers with similar professional interests, sparking engaging dialogue, and sharing ideas.

Launching your own blog is fairly easy thanks to the availability of several free blog software services, including Blogger, WordPress, and Blogspot and hosting providers. Whatever tool(s) you choose, you need blog software to create and archive your blog entries and a hosting service to make your blog available on the Internet.

Keep in mind, blog entries should be well written, short, and on point, plus new posts should be added regularly. You may also want to become familiar with search engine optimization and how the use of keywords can drive traffic to your blog.

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