Sunday, September 18, 2011

How to Create a Video Resume To Wow Potential Employers

Most readers will have had the experience of creating a traditional resume but have you ever considered creating a video resume? A video resume would be especially helpful if the job you're aiming for puts you in front of the camera or involves working with different types of technology. It is a sure fire way to stand out from the countless paper resumes.

Here are some tips on getting a video resume done right:

1. Keep the video short and sweet (about a minute). Just like a paper resume, if you keep rambling on, your potential employers don't have enough time to spend more than a few minutes on each resume (sometimes less). You have to get your point across pretty quickly to keep their attention.

2. Dress professionally. Think of it as an interview practice run and act the way you would as if you were being interviewed.

3. Think of the video as a pitch of your personality and talents. This is a chance for you to go beyond your paper resume and share your great communication skills, passion for your industry, and people skills.

4. Don't forget about your regular paper resume. Include the link to your video resume in your actual resume. If you attach the video in an email, it is likely to get put in the spam folder. Also, in your video, don't just read your resume word for word. That would be redundant...remember, you want to stand out!

If you want a good laugh, check out Barney Stinson's video resume from the popular television series, "How I Met Your Mother".

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