Monday, September 12, 2011

7 Questions to Ask before You Search for a Job

Upon graduating college, the first question from everyone's mouth is "What are you doing now?" or "Where are you going to work?". Maybe you have a job set up or a pretty good idea about what you'd like to do. Perhaps you have no idea where to start in the job hunt and interviewing process. Take a breath and relax. You have time and you need to use that time to determine a few standards before you throw yourself in the world of unemployed job searching.

Take stock of what you want from a job. Sit down and really think about what you enjoy doing before you start proactively searching. Here are some questions to get you thinking:
  1. What kind of job or occupation did you hope to obtain with your degree?
  2. Has this idea changed since another job or internship?
  3. What type of environment would you best like to work in? An office, at home, or elsewhere?
  4. What type of salary do you hope to earn?
  5. Are you willing to start with a job you dislike in order to move up in a company to a dream job?
  6. Can you think of anyone in your network that can help you obtain your dream job?
  7. Are you willing to move to a new city or state to find a job you love or is a close location very important?
Now that you've answered some very important questions, make a list of jobs that may fit most or all of your criteria. Now you can actively start job searching both online and in the real world . It is always important to discover what you want in order to find the job you desire. Best of luck!

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