Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The "Mes" Have It: Why You Fail In Your Job Search

That's just not me

My leadership coaching class was in the midst of practicing a technique called "calling forth," which-for the uninitiated-means to confront a client's issue with authenticity, connection, aliveness, and fierce courageousness. Basically, we were to get in the client's face for the sake of the client...even if it meant being fired in the process.

For emotive types, this is difficult. We're "touchy-feely;" we don't want to hurt anyone. We want to coddle and take care of and support. But our instructors called us forth to let go of our notion that the client is someone who needs to be taken care of and couldn't take our fierce love. They pushed us into the realm of hyperbole; we were yelling at our clients, making them stand on their heads, forcing them to lay down, and engaging in many other "abnormal" behaviors to get them to confront their issue.

But some of us struggled because getting in someone's face "just isn't 'me'." We struggled because of this idea of what "me" is.

Job searchers do the same thing. They use methods that feel comfortable for them; not ones that give them results. "It's just not me to network with strangers." "It's just not me to make a follow-up phone call." "It's just not me to ask a former colleague to help me make networking connections."

Where you are afraid to go is exactly where you need to. And don't bother asking where that is...you know where.

The Daily Leap has a wealth of job search tips and techniques that quickly put the days of unemployment behind you. Click this link, find three that are the most uncomfortable for you, and do them. These, the ones that are most in conflict with your idea of "me" will be the ones that you lead to success. You will feel bolstered by your boldness and alive by confronting your discomfort.

Don't let your insecure "me" get in the way of your goals and dreams. Go where the discomfort is.

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