Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Keeping Success In Your Sight

When I was a student in a motorcycle safety class years ago, the most memorable piece of advice my instructors passed on to us students was this: you go where your eyes go. As you ride in the moment, aware of your surroundings, your eyes are your strongest asset to keep you from crashing. Your body naturally responds to where you are looking, and-with practice-you become one with your bike.

It's easy to see how this fundamental of safe riding is an analogy for career success, particularly through a transition. Life can seem like a topsy-turvy mess when weathering the storm of a lost job or a job that has yet to materialize. Stress, frustration, and desperation can cloud your vision. If you're not careful, you could end up in a nasty wreck.

Where are your eyes pointed? Safety in your career isn't holding one job for the rest of your life: it's how that job fulfills your long-term career vision. If you're committed to and holding a vision, transitions-be they voluntary or involuntary-aren't considered disruptions but opportunities for growth.

Use the following questions to help you align a vision and refine success:

How would I articulate my career vision?

When looking back on my career, what would I like to have accomplished?

Where do I feel empty/lacking in my career, and what does this tell me about my ?

What past work experiences have brought me closer to my vision?

What important goals have I achieved, and what goals do I have yet to fulfill?

Cruise into a career that is uniquely yours by keeping the bigger picture in mind. Set your eyes on your vision and don't let it escape your sight. Become at one with your career.

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