Saturday, August 13, 2011

Find Post Grad Support Online

Sometimes post grads can feel really alone. You're out of your college bubble, perhaps living back at home minus your friends, or you moved to a new city for a new job where you don't know anyone. It is easy to get lonely and forget how many other post grads there are out there, feeling the same way you do. Today I'm bringing you some websites designed specifically for twenty something post grads:

1. The Next Great Generation:

This website is designed for 18-27-year-olds and covers just about every topic. They encourage twenty somethings to write for them and get involved in discussions on everything from technology, politics, culture, lifestyle, to entertainment and more. It is a great place to explore topics on careers, job searching, and tips for being successful as well as a place to escape and learn about the newest technology and entertainment news.

2. Scour the Internet for post grad blogs. These blogs can cover everything from life after college, true stories, career and job search advice, even help if you're going through a "quarter-life crisis".

Here are some of my favorites:

The Post Grad -

The Real Post Grad -

The Post Grad Blog -

3. Twentity -

A website started by a self-proclaimed clueless graduate, this website answers all of your questions as a post grad. How will I find a job? How will I survive on my own? How will I maintain my relationships? This life coach helps all you twenty somethings that need a little help.

4. 20 Something Bloggers -

Are you a blogger with a lot to say? Looking to gain a job from your awesome blog? Join this website that hooks you up with thousands of other bloggers in their twenties, most of them recent college grads. Similar to Facebook, you can make a profile, chat with new friends, join groups, and of course get your blog's link out there. You can find plenty of other interesting blogs to help you feel less alone.

5. Love Twenty -

Love Twenty is mainly geared for the girly post grads, but contains a lot of useful information. Check out their "Career" section to find interview tips, resume advice, and so much more. Love Twenty also specializes in talking openly about friendships, beauty, health and fitness, and style. You'll feel like you're talking with your friends as you read!

We all know that websites can't replace the helpfulness of talking with a friend who is a post grad just like you, but they can help. You can gain advice and tips from other people your age who have had experiences first-hand. You can connect with other post grads who have similar questions or answers to your questions. You can build your resume by getting involved with the sites you grow to love. Whatever your motivation is to connect with these sites, I hope you find what you're looking for!

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