Saturday, August 6, 2011

Found out you hate the job you went to school to get? How to move forward

There are a lot of articles out there about newly graduated bright-eyed twenty somethings not being able to find a job. What happens if you're lucky enough to find a job in your field shortly after you wear your cap and gown, but realize this field is not for you. You can sulk that you wasted four years of studying to wind up hating the type of job you chose or you can take action. Pick yourself up and move forward.

First of all, give it time. New jobs are rarely easy and you have to decide whether you dislike the company you're working for, the atmosphere, the work, etc. If you truly decide after time that you won't ever be happy working in the field you thought you'd love, it is time to look at your options.

Next decide whether you can find a job you'd be happy with in relation to your degree. For example, my degree in journalism allows me to do all sorts of writing and I'm not necessarily confined to the local newspaper desk. Be sure to research all of the jobs that apply to the degree you chose - perhaps you can find a job you love that you never thought you could get with your degree.

If you're out of options, it may be time to get some more schooling. Think about continuing your education by getting a Masters degree in a field you'll be more successful with. It is a great investment within yourself and can give you many more options when it comes time to find another career.

Lastly, take some classes or head to a trade school to learn different and new skills you've always considered, but never had the time to go for while in school. Taking classes and researching your options can help you figure out what degree and career you really want. Be sure to take internships that give you real world experience without confining you to a specific job or field.

Best of luck in finding the job of your dreams! It is never too late!

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