Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Make a Successful Blog To Give You An Edge In the Job Market

Maybe you've been a blogger for years but never realized that having one could help you in the job world. Or maybe you never had the idea of starting a blog until now, when you heard all the success stories of blogs becoming famous. Whatever reason you have for starting a blog, I suggest you start soon! Starting a blog is a great way to get noticed and even have a little fun and meet new people.

Here are some tips on starting a blog that can help you land a job:

1. Cater your blog to the niche you'd like to jump into. If you just got your degree in journalism and dream of having a fabulous magazine job, start your own. I've heard many success stories of people starting online magazines that grow into something they never imagined. It doesn't matter what you got your degree in or what job you'd like to have but starting a blog about that field will keep you close to it and share your knowledge and skills.

2. Dig into other blogs and get your name out there. Electronically meeting and networking with people from all over the world who love the same things you do can get your foot in the door just about anywhere.

3. Always be professional. It doesn't matter what type of blog you have, but remember to keep it professional. Check for spelling and grammatical errors, keep things positive, and never indulge too much personal information. When you're blogging, simply remember that you want to make sure you wouldn't be embarrassed if a potential employer were to read it.

4. A blog allows your skills and knowledge to shine in a way that is different and more personal than a resume and cover letter. By allowing potential employers to see a different and unique side of you, it can give you that edge you need to land the job.

5. Once you dive head first into the blogging world and being to connect with other bloggers, you never know who you may meet. Make sure you have an "About Me" page filled with your credentials, Linkedin profile, your resume and photo. Your dream employer might just find you before you find them.

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