Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How to Get More Out of Your Work Environment

If you work in an office or a cubicle it can often feel like there is little you can do to enhance your work environment to support your productivity and enjoyment.

There are, however, several small steps that you can take to spruce up your work area to make it more effective for you. Try implementing a few of the following ideas and you might find yourself looking forward to coming in next Monday.

1. Add color to your work area. Many of us work in offices with white or off-white walls, or with dull colors that make one think of sleep. Color can energize and bring joy so find some opportunities to add color to your work station by putting up photos or posters with lots of color. Nature photographs work well and can help relax you during a particularly stressful day. You might also tape up swaths of wall paper or colorful wrapping paper to add a burst of color to your space.

2. Bring in the outdoors. A plant can do wonders to improve your mood while also improving the air quality in your work area. It can also, as mentioned above, contribute to stress relief. Add some flowers to the mix for some color and you might just find yourself working with a smile on your face.

3. Reduce and de-clutter. Some of us have too many things on our desks—papers, clips, rubber bands, folders, post-it notes—and by removing some of this clutter and being better organized we can be more productive, reduce distractions, and increase our satisfaction while at work.

4. Clean your work area. If your company doesn’t hire a cleaning staff to come in and wipe down your desk and clean your work area be sure to do this regularly. Schedule some time each week to wipe down your desk and filing cabinets. Eliminating dust build-up will keep you feeling healthy and energized.

5. Light it up. Many offices are poorly lit contributing to eye strain, headaches, and a depressed mood. Consider bringing in your own small lamp or light fixture to brighten up your work station.

6. Get motivated. A final suggestion is to post a motivational quote or two somewhere you’ll see it throughout your day. You might even supplement it with a photo of something or someone who motivates you—maybe a vacation spot you’re saving for, or your spouse and children. Find something that energizes and encourages you to do your job well.

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