Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Ways to Add Purpose and Meaning to Your Career

Many of us move through life and our work career deeply dissatisfied and without any sense of purpose. We might simply follow the paycheck or feel like we're sleepwalking through our work lives. Our career path might seem predetermined by our choice of college major or previous job experience but it's not too late to think about a more rewarding and purposeful direction.

If you want to live a more purposeful life or add more meaning to your career reflect on the following actions and considerations.

Identify your strengths and skills. You'll find the most enjoyment in your work if you're utilizing your strengths and the things you are good at. Spend some time to inventory your strengths and ask your friends and family to help you identify what you're good at.

Identify your passions. Do you love helping others? Or perhaps you enjoy solving problems and coming up with unique solutions. Do you love to travel? Spend some time thinking about the experiences that make you feel most alive and energized. Can you imagine a life or a career where can get up every day and do what you're passionate about?

Do no harm. You’ll feel a great sense of satisfaction and purpose when your life, career, and work choices do not bring harm or pain to the earth, other people, and to plants and animals. It is difficult to feel pride in your accomplishments or your work life when you contribute to spreading toxins or promoting unhealthy habits and choices.
Make a difference. Consider work that will make your community and the world healthier, safer, and more equitable for all. Does your company create products that pollute the air or advertise unhealthy food or products to children? Look for a career that contributes positively to the needs of the world, for a company that is solving the world’s problems in ways that don’t bring additional harm.  
Pass it on. Be a mentor. Your gifts and skills and talents were meant to be shared with others and provide you with an opportunity to teach someone else what you know. Pass on your knowledge and you can help multiple the good in the world.

You don’t necessarily need to change your job to change the world. There are opportunities all around, starting with your neighbor. If you look for ways to make a difference you will find them and begin to live a more rewarding a purposeful life and have a more satisfying career.

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