Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why (and How) You Might Benefit from a Reverse Mentor

We've talked about mentors before and the importance of finding a mentor to move forward in your career and life but perhaps you haven't considered the idea of a reverse mentor. What is a reverse mentor?

A reverse mentor is someone younger than you who can help mentor and train you on modern trends and technologies.

The world and the world of work changes quickly and it can be difficult to stay up on current trends and new technologies. A reverse mentor can bring you up to speed and ensure you can talk and work confidently among those skilled in these areas.

What are some trends or technologies you might consider identifying a reverse mentor for?

1. Social media: the most effective uses of twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others.

2. Productivity: using services and apps to more effectively manage your time and schedule.

3. Understanding millennial perspectives on specific industry trends.

A reverse mentor can provide the edge you need to move forward with confidence in your career.

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