Wednesday, March 9, 2016

5 Tips to Develop a Reputation for Kind and Generous Communication Skills

Based on the current political environment you might be mistaken for thinking the best way to become a success in your life and career is to belittle those who stand in your way, and speak rudely of the so-called competition.

However, you'll find true success when you develop a reputation for kindness and generosity in the way you communicate with others.

1. Say thank you. Be gracious toward others for their time and generosity. If someone takes the time to interview you for a new position or if someone provides a reference for you, be sure to thank them for their time and effort.

2. Apologize. We all make mistakes and we all sometimes treat people in ways we wish that we hadn't. In those circumstances we need to be sure to apologize to those we've hurt and offended.

3. Promote the accomplishments of others. Give credit where credit is due. Don't hog all the credit for your successes and accomplishments. You did not succeed only on your own efforts. Be sure to acknowledge those who have contributed to your success. And also promote the successes of others, even when it has nothing to do with you. Making the effort to support others will help diminish a tendency toward jealousy.

4. Speak kindly of your enemies. Many people have burned a few bridges along the way, or been fired from a job, or argued with a previous employer. Train yourself to speak kindly of those who might have treated you poorly. It's a small world and you might find yourself working with them again so work to think and speak well of others, even those you did not get along with.

5. Encourage others. Be known as one who encourages the best in others rather than one who tears others down or belittles them. When you focus on the positive and encourage others you bring out the best in them and in yourself.

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