Wednesday, March 11, 2015

4 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Career

It's nearly spring and traditionally that is a time when some give their house a thorough cleaning and remove items that are no longer needed or require updating.

Here are 4 tips for spring cleaning your career:

1. Update your resume. Take a new, fresh look at your resume and remove anything unnecessary or outdated.

2. Update your skills. Perhaps your technology skills have fallen behind or you could benefit from some additional knowledge of your industry, now is a good time to evaluate this and find way for a skill or knowledge upgrade.

3. Refresh your contacts. Identify three to five professional contacts that you haven't spoken with in
a few months and reach out to them. In addition to providing an update on your work be sure to take a genuine interest in their activities.

4. Update your wardrobe. Be sure to dress the part and if that means some of your wardrobe has become outdated spend some time and money to upgrade your look. This can also help you feel more confident on the job or in a job search.

What suggestions do you have for spring cleaning your career?


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