Friday, April 6, 2012

Reasons You May Not Be Getting Promoted

If you’ve been on the job a while and you’re hard working, competent, and qualified but not getting promoted, you may be questioning why. A clear-cut answer isn’t always obvious; however, the following may help you identify some roadblocks.

Not Going Above and Beyond

You may be meeting all the responsibilities and requirements of your current job, but not going above and beyond or stretching yourself by taking on new tasks or projects. If so, you may be perceived as lacking initiative or interest in learning and professional development.

Low Visibility

If your work isn’t highly visible to those with influence in the company, such as senior management, or if your work isn’t directly supporting your manager’s goals, it may be going unnoticed.

The Expert

Are you the only one within the organization with the knowledge and skills to do your current job—in other words, the “expert”? If so, this may mean that the company can’t bear to lose the value you bring in your current role by promoting you to another job.

Burned Bridges

If you’ve been caught in the middle of company politics or were involved in a confrontation at work, particularly with someone of importance, you may have burned your bridges. In other words, that person may be opposing your advancement. Another way to burn bridges is having the reputation of being difficult to get along with.

Perception is Reality

If management perceives that you are not ready for a promotion, in all likelihood you will not get one. Ask yourself: Are you demonstrating leadership qualities? Can you think strategically and generate ideas for achieving the company’s goals? Work on developing the qualities or skills management would need to see from you to be considered for a promotion.

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