Saturday, April 14, 2012

High 5 Weekly Career Transitions Roundup

This is our weekly roundup of some of the best career-related articles, interviews, blogs, etc., we've read during the week. We share these every weekend so you have some great resources to prepare you for the coming week. Enjoy!

1. 10 Simple Tips to Networking Success
"But succeeding at in-person networking is not out of reach. Follow these 10 steps to ease awkwardness and emerge with terrific contacts."

2. 'Winging' It in Job Interviews is for the Birds
"Those candidates who “wing it” with answers to key job interview questions nearly always fall, almost immediately, into one of the many “traps” today’s hiring managers and human resources professionals routinely set for the unwary and un-coached job applicant."

3. You Already Know the Right People to Land Your Dream Job
"Furthermore, you don’t just look at people you know directly, but rather look at who the people you know also know. With social media sites such as LinkedIn, accessing the networks of your network is so much easier."

4. Getting the Most Out of Your Internship: Goal Setting 
"To optimize your internship, it’s important to have specific goals and a plan for meeting them.  At the highest level, your goals are: gaining valuable experience and growing your network."

5. Be Proud of Your Accomplishments, Not Your Affiliations
"Stand tall, because it's mastering the process of consistently delivering results that will truly distinguish you in the end."

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