Thursday, January 26, 2012

Use Twitter To Help You Score A Dream Job and Network

Recently, I found an article at The Huffington Post where they posted tweets that were bite-size advice for post grads.

This made me realize how great Twitter can be for post grads. Twitter is not just for spewing whatever thoughts come to your head and sharing funny anecdotes with friends and trying to stalk celebs.

Here are some of my favorite tweets from the article:

(Photos courtesy of

 Twitter can be a great networking source, a way to connect with potential employers and get great career advice. Here's how to use Twitter to advance your career:

1. Be professional with your tweets. Don't use Twitter when you're out drinking with your friends or use it to type your every thought. A general rule is that if you wouldn't want your mom or a potential employer to read it: don't write it! If this makes Twitter boring for you, simply have two accounts. Use one for fun and one for networking! Remember to have a professional looking photo as well.

2. Engage in Twitter Chats. Here's a great how-to for moderators and participants. Simply google "twitter chats and (your desired field)" to find out how many chats there are related to the career your desire. In these chats you can find some great advice, meet new people to network with, engage in a conversation and much more. It can be a great way to get yourself out there. Here is another list of some great business Twitter chats.

3. Follow your favorite companies to get updates on their hiring process and try to get in touch with them in a new way. For example, I am a writer so I try to follow all of my favorite magazines. Once an online magazine tweeted that they wanted guest writers and an email address so I tweeted them and emailed them and they actually replied! You never know who you could get in contact via Twitter that you might not have even known how to get in touch with otherwise.

Tell us, how have you used Twitter to your professional advantage?

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