Thursday, January 12, 2012

Great Filler Jobs For A Post Grad

You've studied long and hard for many years for this moment: college graduation. It is so exciting at first: no more teachers, no more studying, no more homework! Yet, once the initial happiness and excitement wear off, you realize now you're stuck in the world of unemployment, perhaps in a bad college-type job and have no prospects. Perhaps you've been searching for a while now with no avail. What do you do in the meantime? You probably need money to pay bills or obviously want money to be able to have a social life. That is where a filler job comes in.

Don't let anyone tell you that a filler job is a waste of time. If you're actively job searching, going on interviews and networking, sometimes you still need a job to pay the rent. Here are some great filler jobs you can do while you're searching for your dream job:

1. Tutor. Remember your favorite subject in school? It could be Math, English, Spanish, etc. Well, your favorite subject is someone else's worst subject. Sign up with a tutoring company, put up flyers around your alma mater and take on a few kids you can really help. Tutoring pays pretty well, isn't very time consuming and it allows you to brush up on your skills. All while making a difference and helping someone else earn that A.

2. Find some freelance work. If you're into writing or editing, search online or ask your networking contacts if they need help with any projects. Finding jobs on a project by project basis is a great way to get started. It could even land you into the career of being a freelancer if you enjoy the lifestyle. Find out what kind of freelance work you could do for your desired career. You never know what is out there; it isn't just blogging these days. Even if freelancing doesn't suit you, you could gain some great networking contacts and make some extra cash. 

3. Go to a temp agency. Getting some temp jobs could land you in the door of a company you'd love to work for. If you work hard and share your great personality, you may just get hired or make some great contacts for the future!

4. Lastly, if you don't care about getting a filler job that relates to your desired career, find a waitressing, bartending, sales or any kind of job. You never know who you may meet or come in contact with and it could be a way to make some new friends while you earn some dough. It can be a nice time to have a fun, temporary job while you search for the one that suits you best!

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