Thursday, January 19, 2012

Let Your College or University Help You Even After Graduation

When you graduate from a college or university, you figure your relationship with the school ends there. Not true! There are many ways to stay involved with your school's community and let them help you score a great job.

1. Visit your school's Career Services. Make an appointment with a counselor, even if you've already graduated. They can help you find other tools and opportunities you may not have known about. You can also get your resume or cover letters checked out and revised by a professional or get a peer mentor that can help you with all things involved with being a post grad.

2. Visit your school's website and check out their services for Alumni and Career Services. You may be able to search for jobs that companies only post for college students and alumni and apply right through your school. You can also find out information on career fairs, events, workshops and mixers.

3. Keep yourself informed on alumni news and updates by signing up for their alumni email blasts, newsletters, or magazines. You may also be able to find articles on interview tips, job search advice and much more on their website.

4. If their website isn't up to date, give the school a call or visit to see if they have brochures or other information you can easily pick up on upcoming events or advice on being a post grad.

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