Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Resolutions For Post Grad Job Hunters

It is finally 2012. A new year and a fresh start is wonderful, especially for post grads who are looking for work. Take this time to reflect on past mistakes, make new goals or resolutions for the year ahead and keep learning what you need to land yourself an amazing job in 2012.

Here are some possible resolutions to get you started:

1. I will go to companies in person and inquire about their needs, hiring process and look professional doing so.

2. I will meet one new person a week to network with. This could be through other networking contacts, a club, a class, etc.

3. I will consider meeting with a recruiter or job hunting expert if I have been having trouble finding a job for some time now.

4. I will volunteer with organizations related to my desired job field.

5. I will make job searching my top priority and consider it a full-time job until I find myself a real full-time job.

6. I will buy myself a planner if I do not already own one to schedule my activities and keep track of contacts, company information and much more.

7. I will set a goal of applying to x companies per week and stick to it.

8. I will have my resume and cover letter read by at least three people and consider taking it to an expert.

9. I will not apply to jobs that I am definitely not qualified for.

10. I will never blow off an interview. Even if it may not be the job I want, interviews are great experience.

Let us know your goals, resolutions, or job hunting tips for the New Year by commenting on this post!

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  1. Thank you so much for all of your very helpful tips on trying to find a job in 2012!! I know many new graduates would really appreciate these tips.
    Thank you-
    Michael C. Craven