Saturday, May 7, 2011

Time Management & Organizational Tips

As a post grad, whether you've already found work, are deep into the job hunt, going to graduate school, or simply finding your own way, you need to be organized and use your time well. Here are some organization and time management tips for any post grad (and really anyone!):

1. If you're job hunting, treat the search like a job. Schedule time to look for jobs, head to businesses, and make sure you know when your interviews are. Scheduling your job hunt will help it feel more like a priority and you won't succumb to laziness.

2. To-do lists are your new best friend. It doesn't matter what type of job you have or if you're still looking, to-do lists are always helpful. Keeping track of things you need to do short-term and long-term will keep you focused and you won't be able to forget important tasks or projects.

3. The Internet can be a huge distraction. While you're working online or job hunting, use website tools such as LeechBlock from Firefox that block certain websites at the times you determine. When you need to be focused, block Facebook and other time-wasting sites during the time you need to work.

4. Take a break when you need one! Sitting at your computer for too many hours a day can cause eye strain, back pain and many other health problems. A good rule is to get up and take a break every half an hour to stretch.

5. Keep a diary of how you spend your time. Wasted an hour looking for an important paper? Organize your desk. Wasted two hours watching TV instead of doing your grad school homework? Evaluate what are the biggest time wasters for you and fix it!

6. Organize your life. Some people prefer a mess, but being organized helps you to be more productive. Cleaning your email box and making labels to store important messages is a start. Keeping your finances, your desk, and your life organized and neat will clear your brain and help you get work done faster.

7. Have a planner or use your phone's calendar to remember appointments and tasks. Then actually use it!

No matter what your plans are, keeping track of your time and staying organized are great skills that will take you far in life.

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