Sunday, May 29, 2011

"Post Grad" Movie Review - True To Real Life?

While browsing a closing Blockbuster for deals on movies, I stumbled upon the movie "Post Grad". Being a post grad myself, I wondered what the movie was like. I remember seeing previews for the film and all I knew was it was starring Alexis Bledel (former star of "Gilmore Girls") and her character was off to find her dream job and perhaps a love interest along the way. It was only $3.99 so I figured, "Why not?" and picked it up, knowing my looming wisdom teeth removal would leave lots of time for movie watching.

Unfortunately, this film was a disappointment. I was hoping for perhaps some tips for my post grad self or at least an entertaining couple of hours to forget about the pain radiating from my mouth.

It had the typical storyline and my hopes of watching a modern day story of a post grad just like me were dashed. Bledel is Ryden Malby, who starts out the movie being an excited graduate on her graduation day. She pretty much figures where she'll be: at her dream job in a publishing company. After all, she is a smart and successful graduate. But alas, her dreams are dashed when her arch nemesis at school gets the job first. With no other options, she is forced to move back home with her kooky family (including Michael Keaton, Jane Lynch, and Carol Burnett). From there on is the typical post grad dilemma and failed interviews along with the romantic dramas of her best guy friend having a crush on her but she is more interested in the sexy, foreign neighbor.

So will Ryden Malby find her dream job? Fall in love? Of course everything turns out perfect in the end! Spoiler alert: She ends up with the best guy friend and her enemy messes up big time allowing Malby to steal the job from her. So, if you're looking for a movie to ease your post grad woes, to get post grad tips from a movie, or be should probably skip this one unfortunately.

Although even the disappointment of the film brings me back to a very important lesson as a post grad. There will be disappointments. Rarely do people find their dream job right away after graduating. You may go through periods of unemployment, bad jobs, and even worse bosses. All while dealing with the changing relationships of post grad friendships and post grad dating. It is tough out there, but keep your head high and you just might get that movie ending you've been hoping for.

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