Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Four Keys to Long Distance Job Hunting

The process of job searching in your own town can be a challenge. When you are looking for a job in a town far from where you currently reside, the process can be even more daunting. However, if you follow these criteria – while still daunting – it will be a much more manageable process.

Set Yourself Apart from the Crowd
The internet has opened up the candidate pool and has increased the overall number of resume responses to most job postings. A focused resume that contains only the information most relevant to the job will set you apart from the other resumes on the desk.

You may also want to consider using a local address in the city where you want to relocate. Use a friend’s or family member’s address if possible. If that is not an option, consider a postal service with a physical street address. When the employer calls to schedule an interview, explain you are in the process of relocating permanently, but you could be available for a phone interview.

Plan Ahead
Plan trips to your destination city periodically. Research career fairs, hiring events and expos in the local area and plan trips to be there during those times. Call your target employers and try to schedule informational interviews during the time when you are going to be in the area.

Establish guidelines, before you even send out your resume, of the criteria for when you will be willing to travel to your destination city for an interview. Define the opportunities that you consider worth your time and money. Gather as many details during the phone interview, so that you can form a plan in advance. You should also prepare a relocation plan for yourself.

Do your Research
The more you know about the local job market and the companies for which you are applying, the more effective your job search will be. Using research, define the reasons – either needs or problems – that the company is hiring. If you can demonstrate your ability to meet their needs or solve their problems, they will be more likely to call you.

Use your networking skills to gain an inside advantage. Use www.facebook.com and www.linkedin.com to locate people you may know in the area. Networking your way into a company will increase your chances of success, especially when searching long distance.

Brush up on Phone Interviewing Skills
The likelihood of your first interview being conducted on the phone will greatly increase when you are long distance job hunting. Practice speaking in a calm, clear pace. Ensure you have a strong, clear phone signal. Prepare your information in advance and have it close at hand. Don’t forget to smile and always dress up for the interview – even though your potential employer can’t see you. All of these seemingly small preparations will do wonders for your performance.

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