Thursday, October 8, 2009

Working with a Recruiter to Find Your Next Job

Many people find working with a recruiter a successful strategy in finding their next job. Recruiters are paid by their clients, companies who have requested their services to find candidates for their job openings, and not by the job seeker.

The primary focus of recruiters is to continuously find available jobs and then match candidates to fill these jobs. Recruiters are closely networked with an expansive base of employers—and have a pulse on not only the current available jobs but those becoming available in the future as well. This relationship recruiters have with their clients gives them insight into the corporate culture, the people who are doing the hiring, the company pay structure, career path and more.

Many recruiters specialize in a particular industry. To find a recruiter, you should start by asking those in your personal and professional network, as well as doing an Internet search for recruiters in your field and geographic area. Also be sure to have a current profile on LinkedIn, a social networking site for professionals, since many recruiters use LinkedIn to search for potential job candidates.

A recruiter will want you to submit your resume, and considering the number of resumes they receive, your resume needs to succinctly communicate your focus, core competencies/skills, and career accomplishments. It is wise to send them a quick cover note with a few points to outline the type of job you desire.

Keep open communication with your recruiter. You’ll interact with your recruiter to establish a relationship, prepare for job interviews they’ve lined up, but you should also plan to debrief them after an interview and keep them abreast of any career changes.

A good relationship with a recruiter can be very valuable—and can lead you to one or several jobs throughout the course of your career.

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