Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Refresh Your Online Resume

If part of your job search strategy includes posting your resume to various job boards, you may want to consider updating and re-submitting your resume on occasion. The reason for doing so is simple; the newest resumes appear at the top when recruiters and/or employers search and sort job board postings. It is important to note that if you have no new information to add to your resume, make at least a minor copy change, since some job boards will only return sort results with resumes that have been refreshed. Don’t miss an opportunity though to add new information, when you have it, to further enhance your resume, such as:

New skills: Computer, technical or specific to your occupation

Professional development: Training and/or certification, educational course work, industry conferences, etc.

Keywords: Add current keywords that are relevant to a particular industry or occupation—employers use search terms to identify suitable candidates

In general there is no exact answer to how often you should refresh your resume; suggestions range from weekly to every few weeks. You are in the best position to make choices about how and where to invest your time in your job search. This awareness of job board search and sort techniques is just another piece of information to factor in.

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