Friday, October 9, 2009

Could Your Next Job Be Working In Non-Profit?

If you’re motivated by the idea of doing work to better the world you live in, you may want to look to a career in the non-profit sector. If you’re used to the culture of the private business sector, you will quickly learn that non-profit organizations function differently, the most obvious being they rely on external donations for their main funding, their true measure of success is their impact on the community or people they serve, and their key decisions are typically made as a result of collaboration and consensus by board members and staff, and not that of one company leader.

The good news for job seekers coming from the for-profit business sector to the non-profit sector is that your skills are necessary and transferable. Skills such as project and people management are highly valued in the non-profit sector. These skills and your professional experience should be highlighted in your resume; however, it is equally important to demonstrate your genuine passion and experience in the non-profit world as well. Volunteering experience will stand out. If you don’t have much or any, you can definitely find a limitless number of volunteer opportunities. A good place to start is online at volunteer matching sites. Here’s a sampling of two:

And as is the case when searching for any job, do your homework on any non-profit organization you’re interested in pursuing—understand their mission, programs and funding sources.

Once you’re ready to search for non-profit jobs, tap into Career Transitions, click on “Find Jobs”, enter non-profit into the keywords search—and happy perusing.

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